Lease management

As the founders of Make Your Estate, we ensure a return on your investment. The apartment handed over to us will be taken care of as to its condition, cleanliness and attractive form of presenting for tourists and business travelers visiting it.

Thanks to the excellent ability to observe the needs and expectations, we will make your apartment a place where guests will be happy to come back, have a good time, and your investment will pay off well.

We focus our activities on a carefully selected and limited number of apartments, which, combined with the comfort, convenience, unique interior design of the apartments and the high quality of our services, allows us to stand out from the competition, giving you satisfaction and high profits.

Make Your Estate is also our answer to the unreliable companies operating such facilities. The misconduct we have encountered ourselves by handing over our apartments in various parts of Poland to other companies for management. We know very well what customers expect from short-term rental management companies and what they do not tolerate. Guided by such values as integrity, mutual kindness and care, we want to increase your level of satisfaction with the services provided to you. Our passion to meet customer expectations is your profit and satisfaction with your apartment!


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